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"Found only in high desert climates in several western states and the Middle East, the juniper is looked upon by many as a raggedy tree with no viable use. For me it isn't so. I see a magical creation made by time, wind and weather, waiting to be unmasked and brought to life in its natural, sculpted form.

The only live part of any tree is the layer closest to the bark. Juniper is unusual in that the live portion of the tree twists in bands over the dead center, creating the beautiful white swirls. These trees grow at an extremely slow rate, often we count the rings and have determined that most were "born" around the time of Columbus and before.

A local artist uses the bark from each juniper lamp to create handmade paper which is then molded into a unique, one of a kind shade. The multicolored stone base is shale from the Bitterroot Mountains. Each tiny layer represents a prehistoric flood. This shale was selected to provide a solid base and because it so beautifully compliments the juniper without
detracting from the overall effect."

Mike Bryant is one of Bend's premier craftsman of fine wood furniture. His designs are seen at Timberline Lodge, Mt. Hood, and in galleries in the Bend area. For more information, call Mike at (541) 593-8950.


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