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Handcrafted vs. Milled Logs

Milled logs are the same diameter from one end to the other. They enter log processing as a kant or a square of timber, not as a log, and are shaped with milling machines.  D-logs are almost exclusively milled. You can get cope cut profiles, and saddle notches in milled systems.

Handcrafted techniques, on the other hand, are centuries old and are primarily from the Nordic, European, and Baltic regions.  Handcrafted logs retain the natural taper of the log. Typical styles include round log scribed fit, round log chinked, and hand-hewed with dovetail corners. Handcrafted logs are created using hand tools, such as chainsaws, log scribes, chisels, axes, and sanding tools. Logs are stacked, alternating butts and tops to get a level building at the roof line.

Hand peeled logs are not all considered to be handcrafted. Some of the milling companies confuse consumers by marketing hand peeled logs as a handcrafted product. You can hand peel log siding or milled logs. Of course, you do hand peel handcrafted logs but you use hand-held tools, making each log look unique and customized.

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