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Northwest Custom Log Homes thinks about our role in the environment. We support those efforts to minimize the impact of deforestation before bringing our customers the finest handpicked product.

We use Douglas Fir and Lodge Pole Pine and as our building species. They are readily available in our region and they are excellent building materials. If you have another preference, we will research our contacts for availability.


Lodge Pole Pine


Lodge Pole Pine is a species indigenous to central Oregon. Years ago, a beetle infected much of the forest in Oregon causing these trees to die. At the time, it left thousands of board feet of quality house logs standing dead on the mountainsides. While the loggers brought the material out, we eagerly bought the wood. As time has passed, these trees have deteriorated and are no longer as usable as they once were. They do, however, make beautiful accent logs; full of character with  blue stains, bug tracks, large burls and interesting shapes.  Unfortunately,  this rare condition is not as easy to come by in order to build a full log house. We still recommend using it when it is available. Lodge Pole Pines can have beetles still living in them, so we prefer to age the logs before beginning the home construction.  This specie also has the characteristic of checking as it dries, which gives the natural look of small splitting.


Douglas Fir

Our recommendation is the Douglas Fir species.  It s characteristics consist of a clear, grained and smoother appearance.  It is naturally blonde color with orange centers and checks very little when aging.  A definite benefit is its strength and clean lines; it is a beautiful, large log. We like to work with this wood green for several reasons. Primarily, because it is difficult and expensive to have these large logs kiln dried. Secondly, when this wood dries, it is not as easy to work with. Northwest Custom Log Homes has a competitive advantage over the other log home builders because we have  perfected a "shrink to fit " system of notching  and screw rods which insure a tight fit using green wood.


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